AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals Questions Part-1

15 May 2021 | Viewed 9950 times

Question 1:
You use Azure Machine Learning designer to publish an inference pipeline.
Which two parameters should you use to consume the pipeline?

A) the model name
B) the training endpoint
C) the authentication key
D) the REST endpoint

Correct Answer: C, D

Question 2:
From Azure Machine Learning designer, to deploy a real-time inference pipeline as a service for others to consume, you must deploy the model to ______

A) a local web service
B) Azure Container Instances
C) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
D) Azure Machine Leaning Compute

Correct Answer: C
Note: For prod : AKS, for Dev and Test : Azure Container Service

Question 3:
1. Azure Machine Learning designer provides a drag-and-drop visual canvas to build, test and deploy machine learning models. (Yes/No)
2. Azure Machine Learning designer enables you to save your progress as pipeline draft. (Yes/No)
3. Azure Machine Learning designer enables you to include custom JavaScript functions. (yes/No)

Correct Answer: Yes, Yes, No
Note: Azure Machine Learning designer enables you to include custom Python functions. (yes)

Question 4:
Predicting how any hours of overtime a delivery person will work based on the number of order received is an example of _____

A) classification
B) clustering
C) regression

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:
Match the types of Machine Learning to the appropriate scenarios


1. _____ Predict how many minutes late a flight will arrive based on the amount of snowfall at an airport
2. _____ Segment customers into different groups to support a marketing department.
3. _____ Predict whether a student will complete a university course.

Correct Answer: 1. Regression, 2. Clustering, 3. Classification